Vocal Production Handbook

The Vocal Production Handbook

A Step-by-Step Guide to Producing Professional Quality Vocals in a Bedroom Studio

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Are You Unsatisfied With How Your Vocal Tracks Sound?


Do your lead vocals feel too loud and boomy?

Or maybe too thin and far away?

Have your converted your closet into a vocal booth but your tracks are still sounding off?

Are you stacking layers upon layers of unedited vocal doubles, trying to make it sound "fuller"?

And now you're convinced that if only you had better and more expensive gear your tracks would sound "pro"?

Let's stop right there - you're experience what tens of thousands of artists go through all the time: the struggle to get pro-sounding, commercially competitive vocals tracks in a home or bedroom studio.

Well, fortunately, it doesn't need to be a struggle. There's a way to achieve professional-quality results quickly, consistently, and with the gear you already own. And I want to tell you how...

What's Inside?

I'll bring down, step-by-step, everything you need to know in three parts:


Setting Up Your Session

From room selection and mic placement to headphone monitors, learn how to set yourself up for success


Tracking Workflow: Best Practices

Sing Smarter, Not Harder. I'll share how to get the most out of your session in the shortest amount of time


Editing: The Difference Maker

Achieve a tight and full sound before mixing with an in-depth editing workflow

Just a few questions...


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Hi, I'm Joseph

I'm a professional producer and mixing engineer. More importantly, though, I'm an artist and songwriter myself who, a decade ago, went through the exact same struggle you might be going through right now.

I want to save you the trouble and share what took me months, if not years, to figure out, so you can focus on what truly matters: being creative, having fun, and doing your songs justice.

Matt Powell

Matt Powell, Choir Director

"... a simple, concise, and very to-the-point introduction to the process of vocal production! Highly recommended for anyone recording at home".


Sanzauca, Artist/Songwriter

"I can now finish up recording takes and feel a million times more confident. It gave me answers that I didn't even know how to ask questions for, and more!"


justSatyr, Artist/Twitch Streamer

"I wish I had this back when I started recording vocals - I had to learn so many of these techniques the hard way. Super helpful for those starting out!"

Convinced your gear is the problem?

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