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You want the best for your music, and right now, that means vetting potential collaborators like me. Not just for their skill and ability, but for their attitude, commitment, and ethics.

I take my potential responsibility seriously. I won't be happy until you're happy. I set the bar super high for myself and my work, and I don't let anything leave my studio unless I think it's the best it can possibly be. My goal is to turn your creative vision into a finished, polished recording that you and your listeners can enjoy for the rest of your lives

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Mix and match to fit your project goals


Mix Feedback

Before sending your song off to be mastered, I'll send over detailed, actionable mix notes you can apply at home


Drum Samples

Depending on the genre, song, and what the goal is for the final product, I'll blend in drum samples in with you natural kit



From aligning drum hits through vocal pitch correction, I can clean up the tracks and tighten the screws


Additional Production

Wishing your song had an extra synth layer/soundscape/percussion part? Let's work together to fill in the gaps

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Includes, but isn't limited to: EQ, Compression, Saturation, Reverb, Automation, Making Sure Things Sound Awesome, etc.



You'll walk away with polished, rich-sounding final products ready for online distribution. Stereo or Stem mastering available

How It Works:



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In the form below, tell me all about what you're working on! Include as much detail as possible. 



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I'll send over a custom-built tailored-to-you project proposal including additional info about timeline, services, etc.



Pass the Torch

Send me the project stems and sit back and relax - first mix or master sent to your inbox within 5-10 business days.



Unlimited Revisions

I'm not happy until you're happy - we'll fine-tune things until we've got the tracks exactly how you want them.

Start a Conversation

Every great collaboration begins with an email

I'll respond within 48 hours, likely sooner

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I'm fortunate to have worked with hundreds of artists and musicians from all over the world. Check out what some of them have to say about working with me.

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Once you release these songs, they're out there forever

Honor yourself and honor your music... choose to invest in quality mixing and mastering

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